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     Here are some options available to our customers as examples of what we provide. We have many upon many other options available. Due to size and condition, there are some variations in the cost of providing high quality detailing. However, in an effort to provide a basis for determining these costs, we have established some general pricing. These prices assume a vehicle to be in ‘average’ condition, and to ensure  your satisfaction we will gladly review your individual vehicle and explain ahead of time any and all variations. We have also used only two size categories, but this should give you a good idea of the associated costs. If your vehicle falls outside this matrix, we will gladly develop  individual pricing for you. These prices are our way of providing you with an estimate of the costs, based on our experience. Firm pricing requires us to inspect your vehicle.  We thank you in advance for considering us.  Mobile fee may apply.


                                   ***Please Note: Prices below do not include the 10% & 20% Coupon. Also Mobile fee may be required***


                                                           Auto/Sm. Truck            SUV's/Truck

DETAILED HAND WASH                                         $40.00                       $50.00 

Includes degreasing tires, cleaning wheel wells, bug removal, washing vehicle with a wax based soap, drying, protecting plastic on exterior with UV inhibitor, cleaning rims, windows, door jams, vacuum, wipe down of entire interior and cleaning center console.

SUPERIOR HAND WAX                                            $60.00                       $70.00

Our premium 100% Brazilian Carnauba Paste Wax – no wash included (lasts longer than conventional waxes, & leaves a "wet" look).

COMPOUND                                                                $50.00                      $60.00

Cleans and removes mild scratches, oxidation, and smooths clear coat – no wash included (contains no wax, cleaner only).

POLISH/WAX                                                              $60.00                      $70.00

A two stage process in one step not included in wash or detail.  For newer vehicles that need more than just a wax. (contains wax & cleaners)  Leaves Clear coat in pre-cleaned condition with a Carnauba Wax.

SEALANT                                                 STARTS @ $200.00     STARTS $250.00

Protects paint from stains caused by bird droppings, tree sap, and other organics. Not a wax substitute    Lasts  up to 5 years on new vehicles and up to 3 years on old vehicles. Requires a minimum of 4 hour cure time out of the elements. (This process requires both a wash and a compound  prior to sealing and after sealing a wax is recommended)

INTERIOR DETAIL                                                  $120.00                     $140.00

Cleans complete Interior top to bottom - No wash included (shampoo carpets and upholstery,

 clean doors, dash, console, vents, kick panels etc…).  

HIGH LINE COMPLETE DETAIL                          $240.00                    $300.00

Interior and Exterior detail (Includes High Line Wash, Interior Detail, Exterior Polish/Wax or Premium Hand Wax with Sealent Included in Wax on Exterior depending on condition of clear coat, Exterior UV Protection On Plastic and Trim.) 

ENGINE CLEANING                                                $40.00                     $50.00

Degrease and shine motor and under hood & clean all grouting around motor (does not include wash). 



  We constantly strive to improve our business. 

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